ODIE NOLA in "Blindfold" Magazine


ODIE NOLA was recently featured in Blindfold magazine, a digital publication dedicated to highlighting individuals championing for a more socially conscious world.

Check out a blurb from the feature below and read the full article here.

“Deport Racists. No Time For Nazis. Don’t Colonize my spirituality. Take Andrew Jackson off the 20. These clarion calls result in heated debates on social media, in classrooms, in bars, and in workplaces, eventually yielding the hashtags that become etched into our psyches. Most end there and after a few hot topics are forgotten. To have one’s words, thoughts, truths, caught up in such a cycle is something Chloe Dewberry, the mastermind behind ODIE NOLA, fights against with each clothing piece she embroiders.”