Giving Back to VOTE NOLA


ODIE NOLA is dedicated to spreading truth while informing both wearers and questioners of the historical untruths and recurrent issues affecting marginalized communities. This includes those disproportionately affected by the prison-industrial complex across the nation.

Louisiana is the most incarcerated state in the most incarcerated nation in the world. In order to give back and help encourage positive change within the community in which ODIE NOLA is based in New Orleans, 30% of each purchase is donated to VOTE NOLA (Voice of the Experienced), an organization dedicated to restoring the full human and civil rights of those most impacted by the criminal (in)justice system.

VOTE is a grassroots organization founded and run by formerly incarcerated people (FIP), their families and their allies. The organization is dedicated to restoring the full human and civil rights of those most impacted by the criminal (in)justice system. Together they have the experiences, expertise and power to improve public safety in Louisiana and beyond without relying on mass incarceration.

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