Sister Souljah vs. Bill Clinton Two-Piece Set

Sister Souljah vs. Bill Clinton Two-Piece Set


Custom recycled two-piece skirt and tank with quote reading "SISTER SOULJAH VS. BILL CLINTON" embroidered in white thread on the front-center of the tank and right corner of the skirt.

Size Medium skirt and tank.

Each ODIE NOLA piece is custom one-of-one. 30% of each sale goes towards VOTE NOLA, an organization working to reform the criminal (in)justice system by advocating for the rights of those formerly incarcerated.

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Following the LA Riots, outspoken rapper & activist Sister Souljah was pushed into the national spotlight when (then) Governor Bill Clinton publicly attacked her for misconstrued interview comments. Following the LA Riots, Souljah reportedly made bold comments referring to the perception of black on black crime. As part of his campaign trail, Clinton went before Jesse Jackson’s “Rainbow Coalition” & criticized the group for giving Souljah a forum while comparing her to KKK Grand Wizard David Duke. Clinton’s denunciation of his African American allies shocked the media— which was exactly what the campaign was going for.

The political jab came to be known as a “Sister Souljah moment,” a key moment where a political candidate takes what *appears* to be a bold stand against extreme views w/ in their party to convince centralist voters that they’re not indebted to unpopular interest groups.

Sister Souljah has since reclaimed the term to define it as “[a moment] when you meet a beautiful, powerful woman & just can’t forget her.”