Reagan Was An Aids Ignoring Monster Babydoll Dress

Reagan Was An Aids Ignoring Monster Babydoll Dress


Custom recycled black and white ribbed polka dot babydoll dress with quote reading "REAGAN WAS AN AIDS IGNORING MONSTER" embroidered in white thread on the front of the dress.

3/4 Length Sleeve. Size Medium.

Each ODIE NOLA piece is custom one-of-one. 30% of each sale goes towards VOTE NOLA, an organization working to reform the criminal (in)justice system by advocating for the rights of those formerly incarcerated.

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Following the discovery of the first cases of AIDS in 1981, it was obvious a national health crisis was developing. However, seeing as President Ronald Reagan’s support came from the religious right & moral majority, the disease became a political tool (& the LGBTQI community the target), for hate & discrimination instead of research, funding, & national focus. As innocent victims died each month and year, Reagan still said nothing. It wasn’t until 1987 (the end of his 2nd term) when he addressed the issue. By this time, an estimated 36,058 Americans had been diagnosed while 20,849 died.