The FBI Killed The Black Panther Party Denim Jacket

The FBI Killed The Black Panther Party Denim Jacket


Custom recycled denim jacket embroidered with the phrase "THE FBI KILLED THE BLACK PANTHER PARTY" in white thread on a denim patch sewed onto the back of the jacket.

Size Small.

Each ODIE NOLA piece is custom one-of-one. 30% of each sale goes towards VOTE NOLA, an organization working to reform the criminal (in)justice system by advocating for the rights of those formerly incarcerated.

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COINTELPRO (COunter INTELigence PROgram) was a series of covert & illegal projects conducted by the FBI aimed at infiltrating, surveilling, & discrediting political organizations (ex: the Black Panthers, Young Lords, Civil Rights, etc.). Methods included illegal surveillance, psychological warfare (spreading misinformation, bad-jacketing), legal harassment, & illegal force (such as the murder of Black Panther Party spokesman Fred Hampton at the hands of the Chicago Police Department, amongst an unknown amount of others). While COINTELPRO was revealed & “terminated” in 1971, its tactics still live on in the U.S. government.

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